Thank You To Our Newest Supporters

First of all we have to say a big thank you to the Gray Fire Department for all the support and volunteers they offer us. Having EMTs and safety personnel at hand in preparation has made a huge difference and made sure that all events have succeeded without any safety issues to report.

They have also taken the time to show off some of their equipment and the kids love taking a look at fire and rescue trucks and machinery. Having them on standby for any safety issues is a great relief to have.

One of our newest supporters and sponsors to join the team is local blown and sprayfoam insulation specialist John Rockwell. His insulation business has been serving our local community for almost 20 years now, and his support is truly welcome.

Our events are fully reliant on the great work of all our sponsors and the countless volunteers. It is not only on the event days that this pays off, but there is so much to manage from maintaining the website, advertising, community outreach and getting all the necessary paper work organized with the council officials.

The council members have been extremely proactive and many of them have taken part or volunteered their time, so we have to say a huge thank you to them as well, as all this would not have been possible without them.

We often talk to people about volunteering and over the years more people have realized that this does not mean giving up endless days and weekends. There is so much that we need help with that even an hour here and there can really make a difference.

For example, several people can distribute the posters we put up around town with about one hour volunteered each. It would take me almost an entire day to do it myself, and this frees me up, to work on organizing other aspects.

Jason our web guy works as a freelance graphic designer and he has provided us with 2 hours per month to tweak this website and add new content. Small things like that all add up to help us have such successful events.

On the day of the event we have a rotational schedule in place so that nobody is really allocated to a specific job for the whole day. We know how much people want to participate and enjoy some of the refreshments, so the rotation of multiple people throughout the day makes that all possible.

In the spirit of community wellbeing we especially ask parents to help out for the junior category events. This is turning out to be one of the more popular events for families, and supervision and help by parents is really welcome.

If you are interested in volunteering, becoming a sponsor or supporting our event in other ways, then please use the contact page or talk to us at the next event meeting. We are very active in the community and leading up to the derby we have weekly meetings to discuss progress and logistics.

You are welcome to just turn up and have a chat with us, and I am certain we will find something you can help with. Whether it is time, money or equipment you can make available, we will welcome you with open arms.

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