Hunting Essentials For Derby Week

Derby week is our annual event where we have adventure competitions for people of all ages. These events have become very popular over the last few years with hundreds of people registering for our events. Ice fishing was the first event we ever hosted and to this day it is by far the most popular one we host.

The great thing is that it attracts so many people of all ages who are all able to compete together and have a lot of fun. But in recent years we have had a lot more interest in getting competitions set up for hunting and tracking. This led us to explore some of these events with some of our most regular visitors without doing much advertising. The immediate reaction was overwhelmingly positive and we have since expended our events.

If you are interested in the hunting and/or tracking events then you will need to follow some very strict guidelines to comply with laws, regulations and our event rules.

Must Haves

You must be over 18 years old and be able to provide us with your gun license for the very rifle you will compete with. You will also have to apply for and provide us with a hunting license. Finally, we expect that you provide us with a gun safety certificate no older than 18 months. All these are to satisfy laws and safety regulations.

Not Allowed

High powered rifles or non hunting rifles are not allowed. This means basically any semi automatic magazine fed rifle. You will also have to comply with our rule that limits your scope power to 12x, and this will be checked before you get going.

Spotters are also not allowed, mainly because they provide an unfair advantage especially when it comes to tracking; check out these spotting scope reviews for an idea of what we mean.


If all this seems OK to you then go ahead and fill out a registration form and we will send you details about the different events that will be held. At the moment there is a limit to the amount of people we can accept due to organisational and licensing restraints, but this is going to change over the coming years, which will mainly depend on interest and support that we get for all our events.

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