Kids Derby

This is by far one of our most popular events. We organize events into two age categories from 80 to 13 and 14 to 17 year olds. For us it is the main way we can get young people interested in ice fishing.

Most of the kids that join are familiar to fishing on Crystal Lake during the warmer times of the year and we often see parents and their kids spending many days during summer vacations together at the lake. We just always thought it was such a shame that there wasn’t really same activity during the frozen winter months.

While the Polar Plunge and ice skating rink are a great activity for all families in winter we just wanted to bring some more adventure into the mix.

So, for the last week of January first week of February we have designated this ice fishing event, which has become really popular. While it all started with an adult event it quickly became clear that we needed to set age categories to make it a bit fairer for children.

Ticket prices are $5 each and can be got through our Contact page or over Facebook. Parents will be requested to accompany their children and the important thing is to be prepared. Obviously you will need warm clothing and refreshments. We will provide all the necessary tools except for fishing rods, reels, lines and tackle.

Thanks to some of our sponsors we have been able to create quite a few small shelters to protect our contestants from wind and snow. These are in limited supply so make sure you get your reservations in first. Otherwise we have many contestants bring their own tents and other small huts, which you are of course free to do.

Here is a list of past prizes in the kids’ categories. With increased participation and more sponsorship coming online we hope to be adding to these.


1st Place: $300 L.L. Bean gift card
2nd Place: $200 L.L. Bean gift card
3rd Place: $150 L.L. Bean gift card
4th Place: $100 L.L. Bean gift card
Largest Bass: $50.00 L.L. Bean gift card
Largest Pickerel: $50.00 L.L. Bean gift card
Largest Perch: $50.00 L.L. Bean gift card
Largest Eel: $50.00 L.L. Bean gift card


Hope to hear from you soon!

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